It is estimated that 40,560 people will die from Pancreatic Cancer this year. Thanks to the tireless work of UW Medicine’s Dr. Terri Brentnall, that number will not include an extended family she’s been studying over the last 20 years. This week on the show meet Dr. Brentnall and find out how she was able to break this family’s curse and how that work will affect outcomes for generations plagued with this disease.

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Pancreatic Cancer – Dr. Brentnall’s work has changed the prognosis of those susceptible to Pancreatic Cancer.

A Difficult Decision – Dr. Brentnall discusses the controversial treatment of removing the pancreas of those at risk for cancer.

A Patient’s Journey – UW Medicine patient, Ryan Chappell, shares his story and how Dr. Brentnall helped save his life.

Two Discoveries – Listen as Dr. Brentnall discusses two of the most important discoveries she has made in her career.