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How to Subscribe

New to podcasting?

Podcasting basically makes audio files, typically MP3 files, available for downloading via an automatic “feed.” When a podcast program is downloaded, you can hear it whenever you want from your computer or a portable media player.

Subscription and subscription management apps

While you might already be able to listen to audio files on your computer or portable media player, you will want to “subscribe” to a podcast so that new programs get downloaded as they become available. To subscribe to a podcast, you will need to install podcast subscription management software on your computer or a podcast app on your mobile device.

On your computer, some examples of software that provide podcast subscription management are:  iTunes, Juice, or Miro.

While you can sync up podcasts to your iPhone/iPod from you computer after downloading using iTunes, you can also subscribe to and download podcasts to your iPhone/iPod directly using an app. Example apps for iPhone/iPod: Podcasts, Instacast 4, Downcast, Pocket Casts. Example apps for Android mobile devices: Pocket Casts, DoggCatcher, AntennaPod, Player FM.

How to Subscribe

On the computer, you can subscribe to the UW Medicine Pulse podcast by either:

  • Clicking on the iTunes button


  • OR Copying the rss feed URL and pasting into your podcast software application where they ask for a URL.
    To copy the rss feed, right-click (or Control-click in MacOS) on the RSS button and select “Copy” or “Copy Shortcut” or “Copy link address”.
    [or right-click and save link:]


On your mobile device, how to subscribe varies, depending on your setup and apps installed.  You might just sync with your computer to access podcasts you’ve already downloaded on your computer.  Or, if you have a podcast app installed, often you will be given a choice to open the app and subscribe if you merely click on the rss button: