What weighs roughly 3 pounds, has a hundred million times the processing power of an iPad and burns the same amount of energy as a dim lightbulb? That’s right, the brain, the most complex organ in the human body, perhaps the universe. This week on the show we hear from a team of UW Medicine physicians that are ready to help patients when things go wrong with this extraordinary part of our makeup. From earlier detection of Alzheimer’s disease and innovative new treatments for Epilepsy, to the latest, most effective Stroke interventions, UW Medicine has the experts to help unravel the mysteries of the human brain.

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    Tom Grabowski Memory and Brain Wellness Center_015

    Alzheimer’s Disease – What do you really know about Alzheimer’s?
    Alzheimer’s Testing – How do genetics and my way of life affect Alzheimer’s?
    Alzheimer’s Onset – How soon can the effects of Alzheimer’s be detected?
    Epilepsy Treatments – Innovative care for Epilepsy patients at UW Medicine.
    Stroke Treatment – How is UW Medicine helping stroke patients get the best care?