Anyone who suffers with Kidney Disease knows how difficult a life on dialysis can be. It’s time consuming, uncomfortable and can make life very difficult. All that is about to change with a new device that could revolutionize dialysis treatment. The Wearable Artificial Kidney was just given the green-light to be fast-tracked through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval process. On this episode of the podcast, learn about this new device, what it does and how it will change the lives of those suffering.

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Patient-subject Chuck Leephoto credits: Sandee Lee

Life With Dialysis – Chuck Lee, a dialysis patient, describes his life and diet with dialysis.

Benefits of WAK – Doctors discuss the benefits of 24hr dialysis.

Wearable Kidney Trials – Recently, a group of seven participants tested the Wearable Artificial Kidney for 24 hours in a hospital setting.

The Future – When might the Wearable Artificial Kidney be available for patients?