In 1997, after the well publicized death of a young athlete from sudden cardiac arrest, the world of sports cardiology was dramatically changed; on the forefront of that change was UW Medicine. In this week’s episode of UW Medicine Pulse we meet Dr. Jonathan Drezner who is working in conjunction with the Nick of Time foundation, implementing essential heart screenings for young people in schools and communities across the country.  We also meet Tori Sorenson, a young woman who collapsed while playing basketball and whose life was saved by her teammates’ quick response and the use an essential machine – an AED.   Finally, we’ll learn about the chain of survival and why knowing where and how to use an AED can make the difference between life and death in an emergency.

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Seattle Marathon 2009_073

2:17 – 3:10 – Distinguishing Differences – What exactly are the differences between sudden cardiac arrest and a heart attack?

6:35 – 8:05 – At the Nick of Time – Dr. Jonathan Drezner: on the program designed to teach young athletes how to do CPR and operate an AED with Nick of Time Foundation.

8:42 – 9:56 – On the Streets of Seattle – So, what’s an AED?

9:41 – 11:00 – AED’s – Not Just for Professionals – Dr. Graham Nichol explains how easy it can be to save a person’s life using an AED.

11:48 – 12:31 – Heart Screenings – Darla Varrenti speaks about how important it is for young athletes to receive a heart screening in addition to a regular sports physical.

13:30 – 14:25 – On the Court – Basketball player Tori Sorenson tells us how the combination of her quick-acting teammates, CPR and an AED saved her life.

14:31 – 15:11 – The Chain of Survival –  Life saving survival tips.

15:45 – 16:46 – What does this all mean for you? – A simple understanding of what to do if you are faced with a sudden tragedy.

Off the Court – Tori Sorenson on what she’s had to relearn after surviving a near death experience