Heart tissue is notoriously bad at repairing itself after a heart attack. What if scientists could use stem cells to grow new heart muscle in the laboratory and inject those new cells into a patient’s heart as a fix? Sound futuristic? On this episode of UW Medicine Pulse, we meet three UW Medicine physician/scientists who are on the verge of doing just that. It’s a remarkable episode that begins by answering the question, what are stem cells, why are they so promising for research, and what does the future hold in regard to stem cells and treating a variety of diseases?

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Chuck Murry Lab_A_062

Stem Cells Defined – What do you really know about stem cells?
Stem Cell Ethics – What are the ethics of stem cell use?
Embryonic Stem Cells – The incredible powers of the embryonic stem cell.
Regenerating Heart Cells – Will stem cell research soon make it possible to regenerate new heart cells in patients?