The year 2013-2014 marked the opening of the brand-new Husky Stadium and with it, the UW Medicine Sports Medicine Center. In this episode of UW Medicine Pulse, we take you underneath the stadium and into the clinic to explore this world-class facility and the physicians there. We also tell you about how the UW is on the cutting edge of utilizing ultrasounds to treat soft-tissue injuries, including the scapholunate ligament. Finally, we’ll learn how one doctor is applying what he knows about treating leg clots to a study on the effects of travel on athletes and their performance.

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Dr. Stanley Herring Spine MSK exam

3:20-4:33 – An Athlete in Everybody – Team Physician Stan Herring tells us about the vitality of having the Sports Medicine Center right next to the field at Husky Stadium, as well as at such a central location to the community.

 6:36-7:23 – Ultrasounds – Dr. Alfred Gellhorn talks about the importance of using ultrasounds in order to quickly diagnose and treat soft-tissue injuries.

 9:04-9:42 – Seeing the Problem – How exactly do ultrasounds help when treating an injury?

 10:08-10:56 – The Scapholunate Ligament – Dr. Jerry Huang tells us that if the SL ligament is injured, it can often be missed by X-Rays and crucially needs to be fixed if something goes awry.

13:53-14:10, 14:49-16:31 – Away Games – Dr. Bruce Twaddle talks about his study on the performance of athletes who travel.

17:39-18:41 – What does this all mean for you? – The UW Sports Medicine Center is not just for athletes; it’s for you too.

5:02-5:34, 8:06-8:59 – Getting an Ultrasound – Years after his bike accident, our host takes a look at his wrist via ultrasound.